Elk Hunting
This thread line needs some activity. I am not that good with a camera. 
This year we hiked into the Little Belt Mountains near central Montana. This was a little tame for us as we stayed under 7,000 foot elevation and camped at 4,600 feet. We never saw rain and only a few clouds in 2 weeks. Needless to say the late September warm weather made for very slow archery elk hunting. My husband got a young bull elk so the trip was a success. 
We loss our biggest packer this spring. We made 2 trips with my remaining 2 packers. We were all loaded with packs of boned out meat. 
This is beautiful country wear half the forest is burned out. Oddly enough it seemed dry but there was still plenty of water around. You'd be 1/2 way up a mountain and a creek would suddenly appear or the grass would be thick and green. 
Dwight and Mary Sharp's Oberhasli buckling, Blazer, we got this summer, did great. He could hike 9 miles in a day and bounce down the mountain when the rest of us were dragging. He is not afraid of much, loves water, he'll sleep anywhere, and learn to forage for food like the big boys.

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Nice, good to see someone post here, Sounds like the freezer will be full for awhile.
What happened to the Goat you lost?
I love hunting in those burn areas. We had some hard hunting in Idaho as well. Not much bugling or cows calling. I just got goats so I/m hoping the next few years I can get them out on some hunts. Cool pics
He was a 270 lb 40 inch tall Oberhasli. He developed painful front knees. Vet said he had severe arthritis. While crawling on his knees for a month he broke a back pastern and only had 1 good leg to stand on. He was only 7 years old. 
Now I have his other herd mates on a joint supplement in hopes of getting some longevity out of them. 
I don't think the Oberhali is suppose to be that big. Despite have a large heavy bone structure the joints quit early. 
Thanks for asking. He was easy going and hard working.

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Scout was beautiful. I guess you probably miss him most this time of year. I'm so happy you've got Blazer to be your "up and coming". I'll bet he had a great first hunting trip! Thank you for the photos! They are wonderful!
Scout was awesome. Congrats on the elk and thanks for sharing your adventure. Beautiful country!
Congratulations on the elk. Yummmm! Scout was defnitely an "Ober on steroids." I have never seen one as large as he was.
Goatberries Happen!
Congrats on the Elk!, any animal with a Bow is a accomplishment. These pictures have me already itching for next years season! Sorry to here about losing your Ober, I know the feeling. Looking forward to seeing Blazers progress as well.

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