howdy packers!
my name is Jordan ward, I live here in Shelton Washington. last year I bought three prospects from Dave at trinity. my buddy Jay also bought three from Dave so we have quite the little pack string. I am a avid hunter and outdoorsman. looking forward to this forum and meeting all you fellow goat packers.
Welcome! Glad you found us!
Welcome Jordan! It's nice to see so many here from the NW. Hopefully we can add some awesome pics and stories to the hunting section of this forum come fall time.
Well HOWDY Jordan! Smile So good to see you on here! You still over feeding your boys? LOL I know its hard not to spoil em! Legion is pretty fat but Ill blame that on the winter and lack of getting out Smile Tell Jay hey from me.
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale.

S.E. Washington (Benton City)
the boys may be being over fed a little Dave but its pretty cold here so they need some extra fat to stay warm haha. they have also been being hiked a fair amount.
Welcome, glad to have you join us!

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