Blazing Trail
Baby Blazer is one of Dwite and Mary Sharps Oberhasli goats. He went on a pack trip doing 7 miles a day. It was lucky for us the Idaho Forest fire smoke did not get bad until our last night. It had been smokey for 3 days but when we saw the ash falling from the night sky it made us nervous. 40 MPH gusting winds that night did not help us sleep despite the fact that we were on the edge of a lake. We push out fast the next morning. 
Blazer was 20 lbs at the Rendy in late June at 7 weeks of age. He is now 46 lbs at 15 weeks. 
He is so full of himself. There were cowboys camping nearby our camp. Blazer charged 2 of their horses that were wandering by our camp. 
The fire smoke made some unusual colored sunsets.

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What a beautiful boy he is! I hope he turns out to be a wonderful packgoat for ya'll when he grows up. We're seeing smoke all the way down here, and I don't know if it's from Idaho or California but I've been thinking about you guys up there. I hope you get some cool, wet weather soon!
P.S. If you haven't yet, remember to post some photos to the NAPgA calendar contest!
Great pictures! That Bull moose is a awsome one!
(08-22-2015, 09:38 AM)GPW Wrote: Great pictures! That Bull moose is a awsome one!

The moose and the other 3 members of his tribe hung out in that shallow lake all night splashing about. It was a great noise to listen to. I figured if the forest fire came to us we all would be splashing about together with 6 cowboys, 9 horses, 3 goats, and 6 women. Not sure if Montana cowboys can swim but the horses could.

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