NAPgA 2016 Calendar Contest!
Howdy folks! 

This year NAPgA is making a calendar, and YOUR packgoat could be a star! But before we can make a calendar, we need photos. Each member is allowed to submit up to FIVE photos. Make sure you own the rights to them. 

In order to participate, you will need to upload your photos to our new Flickr account. To do this, you will need to SIGN IN to with the following username and password:

Username: napgaphotos
Password: calendar2016 

If you already have a Yahoo account (Flickr is part of Yahoo), you will have to either log out of your personal account and sign back in as "napgaphotos" OR open an incognito window in your browser. Make sure you use the SIGN IN field, not the search bar. 

To use the Flickr account, click the "Upload" link on the top right side of the page. Please upload full-sized images so that if your photo is chosen it will look good at 8.5"x11" size. Once you select a photo to upload you can add a title and description on the thumbnail before it actually goes live on Flickr. Make sure to put your name in the description field so we know whose it is. There is a field that says "Albums" in the left-hand column, and if you click it, it will pop up a box with the "NAPgA Calendar 2016" album in it. Select that album and the photo will upload to it automatically.

If you have any questions or are having trouble using the Flickr site, please email 

Photo submissions will be accepted through September 15th, after which we will hold a vote for the top twelve! 

Thank you! 
Photo submission for the calendar contest has closed and it's time to start voting! We will be taking votes through October 1st.

We're going to vote using the comments area under the photographs. Since we need 12 photos for our calendar, you can vote for up to 12 different photographs! (Please do not vote more than once for the same photo.) You are allowed to vote for your own photos. Although this will not be enforced, we encourage you to try to pick no more than two photos from each person who submitted so that more people have a chance to have a photo in the calendar.

In order to vote you may either sign into your regular Yahoo!/Flickr account and +1 your favorite photos (preferred), OR if you do not have a personal Yahoo!/Flickr account you may sign in using Username: napgaphotos Password: calendar2016 and cast your votes under that account. If you use the generic napgaphotos account, it would be helpful if you sign your name by your +1 (this is not a closed ballot--we're not electing the President here). This way I have a record if you accidentally voted for the same photo twice or cast more than 12 votes.

To find the public Flickr page so you can vote from your own account, go to:
When I set the dates for the calendar contest I hadn't yet planned our trip to Utah, so things got a little delayed, but the contest is over now and we've got some lovely winners! The calendar has been put together and ordered and should be in next week. Larry will get it up on the NAPgA store this week and we can start taking orders.

All in all it was a great contest. We had almost 60 entries! Some of you may wonder why a few of the top-voted photos did not make it into the calendar. Unfortunately, not all of the photographs were high enough resolution and our calendar printer would not accept them. Others were oriented incorrectly. Because of this, I made sure to include these highly-rated photos in the cover montage, along with a few others that couldn't be passed up. We hope you enjoy this beautiful calendar. Without all of you wonderful goat packers this wouldn't be possible!

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