Pac-Man learns to pack!
Well, he learned to pack kids, that is! On July 4th Phil and I spent the day at my parents' house where a lot of other friends and relatives were gathered for the holiday. We had Finn and Pac-Man with us that day and while my mom saddled up her pony for the kids to ride, I saddled up Pac-Man. We didn't do it very long... Pac-Man is only two years old, and the saddle doesn't fit him very well. He's much too round for a normal tree and has no withers, so the kids had to balance well to keep the saddle from rolling. Still, we had a great time, and my nephew, Robert, was thrilled to get to ride a goat! Pac-Man was a sweet boy and seemed to enjoy the experience. 

My niece, Lily. I don't think she's having quite enough fun. Do you? 

Robert is ready--he's got those feet in the stirrups and the bike helmet on! Look at the pony, Honey, in the background: "Hey, you're supposed to be riding ME! I'm the horse! Goats aren't good for anything except eating weeds! Get over here!"

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