Help! Rendevous goers.
Anyone going to the rendevous that would be will to bring me back a couple ready packers. I'm in Co and would pitch for some gas as well.
Oooh. Man. I think everyone thats going would be on the road when you posted this.
Ya I'm hoping someone checks.
Just back from the Rendy, and unfortunately there were no ready-to-go packers for sale this year. All the goats available were babies. I'm in Colorado so I'll definitely keep my eyes and ears open for any adult packers that come may available in our area.
Thank you Nanno
I'm not sure if you're even remotely interested in a yearling, but I talked to someone today from Pueblo West who is trying to sell a young Alpine wether that she says is getting quite big. He's too nice to sell for butcher and was bottle raised, so quite friendly with people. Obviously he's not old enough to pack, but it might give you a leg up if you can't find a fully grown packgoat.
Thx Nanno, I need to hold out for ready packers. Please continue to keep me in mind

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