New from France
My name's Tim, my partner and I live in the Correze department in central France. We have a Pyrenean buck and doe (Pontouffe and Amande) and a Massif Central doe (Roux). Roux gave birth to twin girls (Laura and Lucy) on the 26th February; Amande had a boy (Rufus) on the 16th March.
Last year was our first with goats which we brought in as a fox deterrent.
We also keep Speckled Sussex chickens for egg and chick sales; Rouge des Ardennes turkeys again for sales; black and bronze turkeys for meat production.
Wow, France! Welcome!! You'll have to post some photos of your crew. Are your goats good at deterring foxes? Mine couldn't care less about foxes.
I'd love to see pictures. Europe has some really interesting breeds since thats where most come from originally.
Welcome to the forum! I suspect your threads will get lots of views. Can't wait to see pictures.
In the group photo Pontouffe is front and centre, the pregnant Roux to the right with Amande to the left.
Laura ® and Lucy (L) in one photo, Rufus in the other.
My step-daughter Lucy (yes, I did name the kids after my partner's twin daughters) has a pair of Saanens. I'll ask her for pix later.

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Lovely goats! Pontouffe is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Smile
(05-04-2015, 09:06 AM)Nanno Wrote: Lovely goats! Pontouffe is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Smile
Between December '13 and January '14 we lost over 600 euros worth (about $700) of stock to a fox. It dug under coops, tore out wooden walls, ripped off roofs, took chickens, turkeys, ducks, guinea fowl. 2014's breeding programs were ruined and only some very fertile turkeys prevented a big loss.
My partner is dog phobic so that wasn't an option; we don't really have the land for a donkey/llama that are recommended deterrents.
Goats were the last choice outside electric fencing - we have that now to keep the goats in! There hasn't been a fox in sight or even earshot since the crew arrived aged three weeks and demanding bottles four times a day.
That Pontouffe looks almost like a Kiko.

I think my goats would just sit there and watch the fox trot past with a chicken in her mouth.

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