Activated Charcoal
With Phil & Nan's recent experience with poisoning and the one I just read about in a group I belong to I need to get some activated charcoal for in the barn and on the trail.

I checked the feed store today and they didn't have any.

Which one do you use/have on hand and where can you buy it online?
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Pretty sure they are all about the same. I like the gel in the dosing tubes. Kinda like what safeguard comes in but bigger.
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I ordered a bottle of Toxiban from Jeffers a few months ago, and I'm really glad I had it on hand! We looked for any kind of activated charcoal gel at the Big R feed store today, but they don't carry any. I ended up buying a big keg of the powder kind you use in fish tanks. I found it at Petsmart. It's probably not as easy as the gel that comes in a tube since I'll have to mix it myself, but I'd rather be prepared immediately in case we have any more vomiting cases. I can't wait for a Jeffer's order to come next week if something poisonous is blooming in our pastures today. Even if I identify the culprit, I'm not convinced I'll be able to find all of it, given the size of our property, the type of terrain, and the number of dense scrub oak thickets we have.

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