2015 Fishing Season pictures
LOL I know right!? Well I left it at home and went with my chest wadders instead. Though today I took my daughter out cause once she sees the pics start coming she gets the fever Smile So we headed out to the Yakima and walked down the dike to a nice little calm place and started tossing our baits out. It wasnt long before she gets into a great smallie. But she didnt know to set the hook hard on the big ones. She got it within 3 feet of her (after a great fight where we got to see it jump outta the water a few times) were it jumped a good foot outta the water, spit her hook out with one final attempt and left her cussing under her breath. Easily woulda been her biggest bass at around 5 lbs. But at least we got to see it. Then not 2 minutes later I get hit as Im reeling in and we are still talking about her fish. I miss the bite, and I cuss a little as well Smile Its a good 20 minutes before the next hit. I double set the hook on this one cause right off the bat I can tell he is good sized. He is jumping and fighting trying to spit the hook out. They dont get big by accident. They know exactly out to pop them hooks out. I loosen my drag and let him play UNDER the water for awhile to tire him out a bit. With a good hook set and 20 lb. threaded line, I have no worries about ever loosing em. Land him and he is another 5 lb smallie. Sadly though, I forgot my phone in the truck. But Char you will be happy to know, the shoe was there Smile

On a side note. The shoe in the pictures measures exactly 12 inches long

Oh and I found a couple of pics from last year with "the shoe" Smile
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