Pack Goat Ban in the Wind River Range
(04-23-2014, 01:17 PM)Nanno Wrote: Yeah, I'll make sure to post the finished pamphlet. For anyone printing it out, keep in mind that it's a front and back tri-fold leaflet. It's in a very strange order if you just try to read it flat. If you want to put it in a different format you can copy/paste it to your computer and rearrange it.

I also like the idea of putting stuff up top where everyone can see it. I have to enlist Phil's help, though, and he's been so busy lately I haven't even asked him. Maybe he can take a few minutes in the next couple of days.

Nice job & I think this will be a great asset!!

I have also been posting several articles in separate threads that I thought might also be helpful for us all in reaching people about what Goat Packing is all about. A little sugar with medicine is always helpful. Smile Even though it does not directly combat the land closures, I think that things like them can be helpful in furthering the sport and increasing overall opinion and good will...for now & in the long run.


I also just came across this link for the preliminary findings/study from Dr Drew back in 2004 in a letter to then NAPgA President Jan Huffaker. Just an FYI...interesting study...obviously this is no secret and is the kind of thing being used.

Among other things, I do not see anything definitive and the sample sizes are pretty small. One thing I did get from it is being as our wethers live longer than almost anyone else's, they are likely to be exposed more over their long lives. Hence, we need to be waaaay more vigilant abut their health and Vet care than most.

I look forward to additional comment and clarification to those that have been around longer than I as well as more knowledgeable.

(Please note it will open the article via pdf for you to open or save.)

Dr Mark Drew: Goat/BHS - Wildlife Health Laboratory, Caldwell, Idaho

I don't know how accurate this email address or if he is still there but included it anyway for fun.

LOCATION: Top-of-Utah at the South base of Ben Lomond

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