Helicopters and stampeding goats
Today like so many times before a low flying helicopter inspecting power lines has caused my goats to stampede. I have filed so many complaints to our power company, local sheriff, county and as well as the FAA.

This is no safety issue. I realize PGE has to inspect their power lines, but why so low!? Just because I have goats and they may see no value in them, what if it were horses? My goats are big and strong, they could easily hurt themselves as well as my family when they stampede as we try to help them. What happens if they get out and cause an accident or property damage or get hurt and cause me expensive vet bills or worse. I live in town on a 2 acres, literally a few hundred yards from the power station.

This helicopter is in with a rocks throw away, too low!

Sorry to vent, but has anyone ever gone through this situation before?

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