Alpine/Saana/Boer Cross Brothers/ 18 months
2 Bottle fed Brothers, De-budded, about one and half years old (DOB: 2-15-20) for sale.

 Asking $300.00 each. Can hold but will include boarding fees till PU.

Alpine and Saanen Cross with a little bit of Boer 

 Right now they are 33" and 34" tall at the withers. From a disease free herd clear of CAE. 

White/cream in color. Good hoofs, sound, no health issues.

Have been handled extensively, both collared and halter lead, tied with collar and halter, taken for short hikes and follow very well, walk through water, been in the back of pick up, crated, etc., trimmed, vaccinated with CDT yearly.

They are not only pen raised,  turned out daily on 30 acres for grazing and exercise. 

Herd was CAE clear and clear of other diseases.

I have had them since 10 weeks old. very friendly, easy to handle and ready for a job. 

They have been Vaccinated, trimmed, grained, no health issues, non-aggressive, friendly, Big, stout, straight backs and good hips. 

Can send more pictures and videos to interested persons. 

email: or call, text 719-846-6030

Located in Southern Colorado, near the New Mexico boarder on the front Range. 

Trinidad, Colorado and I am easy excess off I-25

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