9th Annual Hassey "Goat Vacation" -- It's About Time!!
Here are a few more bits 'n' bobs from that day's hike: 

I love the cool split in this boulder. I wonder how the edges stayed so sharp and crisp? 

Me, Phil, and Herb all had cameras out the whole day so every one of us had to toss out tons of stupid photos of each other taking photos. But this one was kinda fun. I got a new camera that takes several shots in quick succession and I was testing out the feature on Sputnik as he leapt down a ledge.  

Ready, set, ACTION!

We found a tree! 

Phil very observantly noticed a tiny little miniature stone arch in a dry ditch. It looked like an exact model of one of the big ones! We had to keep the goats away. They saw us looking down curiously into the ditch and wanted to see what was so interesting. Unfortunately goats have little appreciation for things like miniature stone arches and no doubt would have crunched it if we hadn't grabbed them.  

Phil loved this big tumbleweed. He needed his photo next to it. 

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