Hey everyone. I was hoping to get some feedback from personal experience with what age is the preferred age for castration. 

I have a 6 month old buck who is getting very bucky. He's half alpine half la mancha. He's doing great growth wise, 100+ lbs and 29" at his withers.

I want to let his urinary tract mature as long as I can. 

The packgoat world seems to be evolving and learning from past experiences. Castration at an early age (3 months or less) scares me as I have lost my string leader to UC. I don't mind him getting bucky. I just want to allow him to mature to give him the best chances for a long healthy life.

Has anyone found an ideal age for castration? Growth, personality and longevity?

I'm in no rush to get him castrated if its better to wait even longer.


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