Goat's toes are pointed inward / crossing -- he can't walk without pain.

I've been helping a friend with her goats and other animals for the past couple months, which includes David the big Nubian mix. David was born with a neurological condition of some sort, and has always had an abnormal gait and has always been somewhat handicapped, but he is now having pain and it's obvious that his front hooves are not working right.

When he walks, his front toes do not spread outward. On his left front hoof, this causes one toe to come down on top of the other, which looks very painful to me. I told his owner that his usual hoof trim 3 weeks ago is not likely to do much for him right now, but she is stretched so thin right now... Anyway, I'm a bit out of my depth here, and I'd like to get some suggestions for how to care for David. Prior to this recent issue with his left front toes crossing, he always had a wobbly step, but he didn't have any pain and kept up just fine with the rest of the herd. He is also only 3 years old, and had a clean bill of health at a recent veterinary workup.

Here are a few pics of his left front hoof. When he steps down, his toes come together at the front, rather than apart. In one picture I'm holding his toes together to show how his toes overlap, causing him to "step on his own toe".



P.S. Excited to be here. After looking after these 12 goats for the past 4 months, I think I may be starting my own herd soon. Smile

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