Fly predators... they are AWESOME!!! I have two horses and usually 10-20 goats at any given time and we have almost no flies. The horse corral is right next to the goat pen and very near my house, so we should be covered up with flies but we aren't. The fly predators are actually not that expensive. I paid $150 in January and it includes all the shipments for the entire season, spring thru fall. You don't have to resupply every month. You choose the plan you want and they automatically ship them to you on schedule. You just have to sprinkle them around in fly breeding areas at dusk. It's very easy and it WORKS!

I get my fly predators from Arbico Organics. I've been getting them for over 10 years now. The horse barn where I went to college has been using them for probably 25+ years now. When you compare $150/year on fly predators to all the expense of buying fly traps and bait, plus all the extra repellant you have to use, it's a bargain. I still use some fly spray on my horses when I ride, and I occasionally spritz the goats if I see more flies than usual (because no, you can never eliminate ALL of them!), but I think I've sprayed my goats maybe three times this whole summer on particularly hot, muggy days.

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