Hello from oregon
(03-03-2020, 07:57 AM)Nanno Wrote: Welcome! Hardly anyone uses sheep as pack animals so of course there is very little info out there about that. There are also very few laws about sheep as pack animals, although I have read a few places that recommend banning packgoats also mention sheep. Sheep are definitely a species of concern when it comes to causing mass scale pneumonia die-offs in bighorn sheep so the main thing is to be careful where you take them and to haze bighorns away from your camp if they come close. Good luck!
Thank you for the info! As far as for bighorn sheep go I have looked into it quite a bit and where I'm at in the umpqua there are many sheep farmers around, and the bighorn sheep aren't to common here unless you get to the rouge umpqua divide wilderness area, which I am quite far away from, I doubt it'll be anywhere near my pastoral route. Elk and deer dominate the woodlands and meadows here. And all my sheep have been treated for the major no no sicknesses and are gonna get tested so that I have paperwork for it. Clean, healthy and well behaved animals are a must.

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