Pack Saddle Adjustment Question
Decided our used blue sopris is.a.rookie saddle. Happy to say it fits Sprite well now since he has grown a smidgen more, whopping 187 lbs (quit laughing, you alpine owners!) Blackie, now 147.3 lbs., wears the new Rookie well). According to their age, we packed 19 lbs. on Blackie and 27 lbs. on Sprite for.a.last-minute practice run before our big trip. Those included saddle and pannier weight as well. Had no problems with slipping although admittedly, our topography here is mighty flat. Hubby is better at getting saddles to right tightness to prevent slipping than I am so I let him "check my work" after I saddle.

Practice run was.104 degree day but luckily we went slow.and most under forest cover. Our goats are.pretty accustomed to the heat here.

Our Nubians are typical Nubie swaybacks so for us, doubt any other saddle.but very well.

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