what are people feeding babies for the first year?
I'm glad he's improving. This time of year it's not unusual for our goats to get soft/clumpy stool from time to time because of the variety of plants they are eating.

Check your Purina feed because one of the Noble Goat types has a coccidiostat in it. I've personally never (yet) dealt with cocci and so far I've never used cocci prevention (I'm lucky enough to live in a dry climate where cocci isn't much of an issue), so I can't give much advice on that problem, but do check if you are using a medicated feed. Sometimes the bags are not very explicit and you have to read the label. If he's getting cocci prevention in his feed, then cocci is most likely not causing his soft poo. In fact, since you already treated for cocci and had a fecal test done, his problems are almost certainly dietary. What happens when you remove the Chaffhaye? A couple of my goats get very clumpy on alfalfa, and Chaffhaye is fermented alfalfa.

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