what are people feeding babies for the first year?
Resurrecting this older post, am still confused about how much grain to feed a kid during the first 6 months. Was following this article https://packgoats.com/feed-new-pack-goat-kid/ but it seemed to give my kid soft stool last week (9 weeks old now). Fecal showed negative for coccidia/common worms altho I was halfway thru a course of Albon by then.  Reducing the amount of grain by about 70% seems to have helped, he is now clumps of balls instead of more dog-like.

I feed orchard grass hay which is 5% alfalfa, and Chaffhaye (alfalfa) with the grain mixed up in the chaffhaye, the grain: Purina Noble Goat 3/4 with 1/4 Calf Manna. Plus 1 scoop of water-soaked orchard grass pellets in the evening. Plus a few "treats" carrot,apple,raisins, very small amount in evening.

Anyway, I'm thinking 1 cup of grain in morning and 1 cup in evening instead of free feed?  Try free feed grain not mixed in chaffhaye?  Do want him to grow as much as possible, he just looks bony to me.  At 9 weeks he is 23.5" tall and 47.8 lbs.   Breed 3/4 oberhasli, 1/4 alpine.

Thanks for any opinions...

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