Pack Goat Closure extending to Oregon
"Well, I hope that you let Mr. Irvine know, because the Blue Mountains DEIS specifically references the Hells Canyon incident and the feral goat. So when you make comments to the DEIS and Draft LMP, make sure you document the articles you presented so that they can see that the science they are basing their actions on is not resolved. "

I want to assure ALL of you that Mr. Irvine is VERY well aware of what is written in the Blue Mountain DEIS and is currently putting together a response. Not only is he busy working on this himself, but he is also utilizing the efforts of Mr. Jacob Thomas, former Board member if NAPgA, and now a Law student. The reason for using Mr. Thomas is so that NAPgA can stretch the funds that we have, the dollars that YOU donated.

I will also tell all of you this, Larry Robinson has done a magnificent job of managing the NAPgA funds for our cause of keeping the National Forests open. As the old-timers used to say,"he could squeeze the [poo] out of a buffalo nickel!" Larry and I have worked almost daily on this closure stuff, both sacrificing much of our personal time in order to keep the Forests open and to bring public awareness about the distortion of the facts concerning domestic goats.

The biologists that implicate that the feral goat caused catastrophic die-offs in the Hells Canyon area ought to be ashamed of themselves. They know the science, being biologists. Yet they distort the facts.

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