driving collar
Can you use a heavy draft collar that is sized for a miniature horse on a goat, or would it not work well with goat anatomy? I'm dreaming of a boer or boer cross heavy-weight draft goat pulling a cart, but not sure if that would even work...
You probably could use a draft collar if it were sized correctly, but I think miniature horse collars would be too big. Mini horses have thick necks and broad shoulders compared to goats. You'd likely have to have one custom made unless it was a very big goat. I've looked into buying brollers, which are a hybrid between draft collars and breastcollars, but when I tried the smallest size made for miniature horses it was still slightly too big for Finn or Sputnik. I was disappointed because I love the design and I think it would actually work a lot better for goats than a breastcollar. It gives them more pulling surface and allows them to lean their entire weight into their shoulders very effectively.
Good to know that the theory is good, IF we can find a good fit. Shame no one caters to goats. Do you know of anyone doing custom mini horse tack? That's probably way expensive, but we're talking in dreamland right now, so dollars don't matter yet.
I don't know anyone currently doing custom mini horse tack. Chimacum was my go-to but they've been so backlogged lately that they decided to stop making custom orders. You could try Frontier Equestrian in Jasper, MO. That's where we bought our miniature horse carriage that we use for our goats. They said they would make custom brollers for our boys, but of course they would be expensive, and if they don't fit it's too bad. We can't send back a custom order! We declined at the time, but I do sometimes think about going for it.
Thanks for the lead!

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