For sale. Two beautiful one year old Kiko’s from the Kopf Ranch
I have two one year old Kikos for sale. These guys came from the Kopf Canyon Ranch in Moscow and are going to be excellent packers.  However,  I currently have too many goats.   I have nine that are one or younger and six adults.   These two that I am selling need more work with socialization than I can give them. It saddens me to let them go, as I think they could be The best packers of my young group, but I think they would do much better and get more use with somebody who has the time and energy to work with them.   Both goats currently weigh over 100 pounds and should finish in the 200 to 250 pound range. They are excellent on walks and stay right with me. They are a little difficult to get your hands on unless you have treats, in that case, no problem.   I think they would be great for somebody with a couple good social goats to act as leaders and these guys would be perfect for carrying up the rear. Very nonaggressive non-dominant goats with great athleticism and stamina. Happy to send pictures or video on the trail.  

$400 per goat.  OBO.

Contact Ben Peterson 
Ontario Oregon
Are your Kikos from Kopf Canyon still available?

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