What is everyone doing as far as yearly vaccinations or any other preventitive work to keep the boys healthy?
We give yearly CD&T vaccines. In the fall and spring we spray them all with permethrin and repeat in 2 weeks. We worm every two to three months alternating between Ivermectin and Fenbendazole paste. We are in the process of a major battle against mites rite now with our two saanen kids so all four kids are getting invermectin injections once a week for three weeks. The two have very bad sores around their legs and hooves that are hopefully in the process of healing thanks to a wonderful product called Nu-Stock.
Think we will be adding vitamin A&D, and Selenium/Vitamin E along with their CD&T's this year.
The vet also gave my kids Haemophilus Pasteurella/Synchial Virus vaccines when in for castration. Does anyone else do or recommend these?
Cuzco has always gotten a CD&T shot and a rabies vaccination every year. They don't make rabies shots for goats, but the vet said the one they make for sheep also works on goats, it's just not officially approved by the FDA. Now that we have more goats I'm just doing the CD&T. The rabies shot has to be done by a vet, and that's too expensive when you have very many goats. However, I'm thinking I might see if I can get my vet to write me a prescription for the rabies vaccine so I can order it from a catalog and give the shots myself. I won't get the official paperwork from the vet, but I'm not too worried about that. It's more for my own piece of mind since I know we have rabies in our area. Cuzco was attacked by coyotes last year, and I'm really glad he'd had his rabies shot.
With our high copper/selenium mineral mix, we dont have to worry about either of those supplements but do give bo se to the bucks before breeding season. We thought about an 8 way a month before the Does kid but have not yet done so because we havent found a need to. Other then worming, we just havent had a need to do any yearly vaccine. I think it has lots to do with our dry climate.
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