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Hi All,
I was hoping to please get some feedback from some folks with more goat experience than our limited 18 months.
Lately, we have been shopping around for some additions to our 2 goat herd. Our Alpine brothers turned 2 last week and are pretty respectable sized (34"&35" height and tape measurements put them about 180#). I had considered that pretty normal for pack goats but all of the adult wethers that I am seeing for sale lately are considerably smaller. 2-4 year olds that are 32" high & closer to 140#. 
When I am looking at the potential additions, is there any type of general guidelines or guestimates as to how much larger a 2 year old goat might get if they are currently 140#? I realize that the final adult size is determined by many factors, especially genetics, but our boys are the first time that we are getting to watch goats grow into adulthood. I know they continuing growing until 3-4 years but is the change between 2-4 years usually a fair amount of growth or minimal?
I guess I would just like to know if it is safe to assume that a 140# 2-yr old might eventually end up at least 180#?
Thanks in advance for any advice!
as you said, there are many factors that influence the final height of a goat. I personally don't prefer goats that are giants already before they reach their first year - way too much pressure on growth plates and risk for arthritic changes in the joints later in life. Also, size isn't everything in packing and a big but lazy goat has less worth than a smaller goat that packs its heart out.

My goats always did a considerate amount of growing between 2 and 4/5 so for me it would be a non-brainer to purchase two year olds with 140 lbs. I would look more on conformation and work attitude than size.
Sabine from Germany
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Hello MG
As like you I have not been had by goats for that long.
But I do have many years of experience with horses growth patterns.
The most growth comes in the first couple years, but their body's do continue to grow and "harden" for a couple more years. As Sanhestar mentioned judge them on Pack Goat Conformation, Disposition, and not for a giant body size at a young age. Should not start packing considerable heavy loads before they are 4-5 years old. No matter how "BIG" they are.
The above is from my Equine experience with TB race horses and QH Show horses they will be broken down by the time they are 6-7 years old because of being used to hard to young.
My last Stallion (Arabian) I started "slow" with and he had a good life of 28 years.
I still have a son of his with me now.
Back to Goats:
Pete my brown goat is going 5 years old and came well "Imprinted and people friendly" He has put on weight and muscle since coming here in September last year. Check out the "Stow Away Goat thread here on site"
He is a alpine X. He is ready to start packing some weight.
Sam ,Black and White is only coming 2 years old Nubian X Alpine he is doing good and since September has put on considerable size and weight. I am planing/designing a padded soft pack for him as well as a larger version for Pete.
Sam is the suck up to the people goat here.
I don't have any heavy pack work for them to do so I have no problem bringing them on slow.
The boy's are more PR representatives for Pack Goats than real working goats here in South Caroline
Slow is good for horse or goats in my book.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam

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