Rabbit Trail on Color
Hello All
Most of you have seen pictures of my spoiled Rotten boys.
They came from a Primary Dairy based breeder that is a good goat person.
The fact as all of you know from my "Stories" prove they were "Raised" right for pack Goats. Smile
They think they are people and I encourage that myself. BUT with MANNERS.
Sam the Black and White with Airplane Ears has to have some Nubian in him (EARS) But were dose the color come from? He has no Boar blood that I know of. To account for the color pattern???
Pete the Brown one (4 year old) Are his markings typical from a Ober or a Tog? Granted they are both X breeds.
To NANO: RE: Bright Color Goats Pete dose "Blend into my environment here amazingly well, If he stands still he turns "Invisible" in the woods and with the dead underbrush can not be spotted until he moves.
I am glad I have Sam a Bold, Black and White to look for as both free range during the day around BC1.
Spot Sam and Pete is not far away. Call or go to the feed barrel pull the top off (It makes a POP) Vacuum seal letting go and then I have 2 goat trying to bully their way into the barrel. You should see them both high tailing it out of the woods to see what they can snarf. Yes, Bad Goats. They also have decided they can Bully the Neighbors dogs, Husky, Doberman, and a old GS that knows better than to mess with goats.
Of course it is always a "Controlled Encounter" with me there to "Referee" Air -Soft Pistol makes the dogs behave well. Smile
I actually like or think I do? Having the Goat boys learning to deal with "Different Dogs" under my supervision.
Reason being the Goat boy's will come to me when trailing for "protection" or know they can double team a single dog they meet on the trail. BTY: Goat Boys have already learned the sound of a pistol shot is nothing to spook from.
Look up my post on Trail Defense if you want.
I don't believe in Bear Spray/Pepper Spray needless to say.
On the trail if Air-soft is not good enough S&W comes out.
I may have a line on some Alpine/Sannine kids here in march.
All are going to market Doelings and Bucklings. The Mature Does were breed just for milk production.
The kids are scrap goats.
There are a couple very nice big Sannien does that if they have Bucklings I am going to try and get.
They will be Bottle babies and I have "Volunteered " to help out with kidding season.
Why not I am a midwife with over 50 babies to my credit. Why not add a few goat kids to the score?? Smile
Happy Trails
hihobaron and the Brat Boys
Quote:Sam the Black and White with Airplane Ears has to have some Nubian in him (EARS) But were dose the color come from? He has no Boar blood that I know of. To account for the color pattern???

Sam's pattern is quite consistent with a Nubian cross. Nubians are commonly a flashy, colorful breed and Sam's coloring is not untypical. I also have a purebred Alpine doe who's color pattern is almost exactly like Sam's except that where Sam has black hair, Delilah has brown. 

Quote:Pete the Brown one (4 year old) Are his markings typical from a Ober or a Tog? Granted they are both X breeds.
Pete is a very standard Alpine color. It's funny, but Delilah's twin sister is almost the color of Pete (just a shade darker). So color-wise I've almost got the female counterparts to your Pete and Sam!  
In the interest of keeping the Oberhasli thread on-topic, I started this new thread for the color discussion begun by Hihobaron.  Wink
Hello Nanno
Sorry, to disrupt the the breed line thread.
I know how it goes as I Moderate ,or is that Stick a fork in people to get good conversations on the MSP site I work with .
BTY: Thanks for the color info.
I have worked with or owned about 35 different breeds of horses and enjoyed the breed Differences.
So I do appreciate the the wide variety of the Goat World. Smile
I can see I will like finding out more about goat breeds too.
As the Old saying goes " What is One More"

As a apology, I'll throw this out for everybody.
"Find the Goat" Post your "Camouflaged Goat Pictures here.   Big Grin
BTY: I am watching MASH with the Money Eating Goat Episode.  Big Grin
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam

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Hello Nanno and All
I must be making some waves here on the East Coast Goat Packing wise.
Today the Sannine people that milk their goats,(Neighbors)called me about a friend of theirs that raises the same breed and they are going to partner on a very well blooded Buck for this years breeding season.
But in their conversation my pack goat thing came up. The friend Wethered two buck kids last year. Bottle Babies.
Thinking to butcher them for home meat. Now they can not put them down and want to find a good home for them.
I need to go see them, may end up with two more prospects. All white ones.
The neighbor is going to have Alpine X Sannine kids this year, I do like her two older does, nice big does, first to greet you when you walk in pasture. They are going to market out all of the Alpine X Sonnine kids from this year then breed back to pure blood Sannins. I had put in a request to neighbor that IF they had a buckling from one of the big does I would be interested. So If I can get a pair of Yearlings pure bred wethers I may be crazy enough to take them. Advice Requested.
Don't know if they have horns or not yet. If they have horns I will not take the deal. But coming from a goat milking farm it is a strong possibility they are de-horned. Waiting for contact and pictures of the boys.
One nice thing about all white goats, I can use them for drawing boards for entertainment : )
Happy Trail
All comments welcome
I love how you spell "Saanen" every possible way except the correct one. Tongue (I agree--it IS a weird word!)

Alpine/Saanen crosses should be nice. Look carefully at the feet and legs though. Although they are definitely improving in recent years, Saanens are notorious for being predisposed to bad feet--long, weak pasterns, splayed toes, bad hooves. The Alpine influence should hopefully improve the feet, but definitely take a good look at the parents' lower leg structure before deciding on which kid(s) you take. While I have not been around many Saanens myself, I hear that the correctly built ones make wonderful packgoats. They have mellow personalities but aren't lazy, and of course they are exceptionally large, and quite strong if their feet are up to it. I hope you get a good one!
To Nanno
Saanen Smile
Spelling was never one of my skills. Talking with animals yes.
Thank God for computers. Smile
I just added Saanen to my computer dictionary. I hope.
We Have the Republican Debate here in SC tonight. CBS station is broadcasting it.
My critters here are Republican.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam
Your critters are Republican! Uh-oh! Mine are all died-in-the-wool Libertarian! 
"Legalize weeds!" "Legalize weeds!" is all I ever hear from their corner. Cool

I call myself Libertarian, but secretly I've been leaning more Anarchist lately. Sick of government at all levels...

Pro-tip: If you get a phone call from a political pollster or anyone from the U.S. Government, immediately tell them you are an Anarchist and see how long that conversation lasts. Usually there is either stuttering or a prolonged silence on the other end before they wish you a nice day and hang up the phone. Big Grin
Hello Nanno
I have no problem with "Weed" if the goat likes it fine. Open Minded there.
I don't like the taste though. Sad
I claim the right to be a Rational Anarchist. Reference the book "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" a good SF read.
Agree with your Political Pollster calls. I had a better way years ago that I can not use now with all the ISIS stuff going on.
It worked well with the "Foot In Door" Missionary types.
Sick of PC and Government here too.
If you have not figured it from my occasional reference to mainstreampreppers.com were I do a bit of posting in many areas of my experience.
I am a Prepper and the goats and horses are part of that.
Pack up the Goats and Horses and make tracks for the high county. Smile
Feel free to PM me if you want to exchange direct contact info.
Happy Trails
hihobaron and the troops here in SC
So how was the debate last night? I never watch those things, but one of my husband's online friends compared it to "a dumpster fire."

What's your assessment?

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