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RE: Possible fracture? - Huckleberry - 01-17-2014

He's doing ok, thanks for asking. You know goats, they are so tuff! He's getting around really good with his splints, we go in to the vet tomorrow to have them changed.
I've been going crazy researching this and a possible cause and treatment. I really am very attached to my goats and hate when they aren't well. At this point I don't care about him packing, I just want to try and resolve this issue so he can walk normal again. I have to lean toward a mineral deficiency since he developed this all of the sudden. I've been looking back at pictures of him and he really didn't show any signs until it was an issue. The goats have always had free choice minerals, but maybe he wasn't getting enough? I don't know. We took the suggestion of filling the mineral feeder with just a little each night so they are fresh and they seem to be lapping them up with this method. I'm giving him some extra vitamin/mineral gels and pastes and will give him the copper bolus as soon as it arrives. Praying this combined with the splinting will help.

RE: Possible fracture? - Nanno - 01-18-2014

Aw, I sure hope he grows out of this. Poor little fella! I'm glad he's doing well with his splints.

RE: Possible fracture? - Huckleberry - 01-26-2014

Just an update:

Took Flint in to have his splits changed out again yesterday, this will be his 3rd week in the splints. No change in the fetlock tendon, it still gives, maybe a little worse since he's been splinted and not using it. He tends to stand pretty good if his toes are spread, so they put a bigger spacer in between his toes. Hopefully this will work. They said tendons can take awhile to heal, I've read up to 6wks in a splint. If we can just get this tendon to heal in his right leg so he's walking normal again, I'm hoping he'll grow out of the angular limb deformity. Time will tell and I'll keep updating.

RE: Possible fracture? - Taffy - 01-27-2014

I sure hope Flint pulls out of it. Tendons can be a real bugger. Glad to see you're going the extra mile for him.

RE: Possible fracture? - Huckleberry - 02-15-2014

Took Flint in to change out his splints and there was a LOT of improvement over this past week. I'm so excited to see improvement finally and hope it keeps up! We're going into our sixth week and the poor little man is ready to shed these splintsSmile

RE: Possible fracture? - Dave-Trinity-Farms - 02-15-2014

WOOT! great to hear!

RE: Possible fracture? - Nanno - 02-15-2014

Oh I'm so happy for you (and him)! I hope he continues to improve in the coming weeks. Please keep us posted!

RE: Possible fracture? - Huckleberry - 02-23-2014

Well, my little man got to shed his splints yesterday! He's improved a lot since last week even. They decided to leave him out of them for a few days, his legs and hooves need to air out, and let him get a little strength back in his legs. He is still pretty weak and slow but so much better than before. The fetlock issues seem to be almost resolved, but his poor legs are bent and knees knocked, we'll just need to give it time and see what happens. He doesn't seem to know how to take it easy and wants to run and jump so he's locked inside for now. The plan is to give him a few days and see how he does, then possible do a lighter wrap/splint.

RE: Possible fracture? - Taffy - 02-23-2014

Thanks for the update. Positive thoughts going out to Flint!

RE: Possible fracture? - Nanno - 02-23-2014

I'm so glad to hear he's improving! Sounds like he still has a long road ahead, but it sounds like there's hope. Smile