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RE: We need a logo! - Nanno - 12-08-2013

Big thank-you to CharlieHorse for his awesome banner for the top! He wants me to make it clear that this is by no means a "final" decision and if other people would like to submit ideas for a logo and other banners, they should feel free to do so. Or if we decide it's so awesome we're not giving it up, I'm sure he'd probably be ok with that too.

Thanks CharlieHorse!

RE: We need a logo! - deschutes dawn - 12-08-2013

Could it be rotated monthly if there are several ideas? I don't know how running a forum works if that would be difficult or not. The current banner is really fun. Thanks CharlieHorse! I wish my packers were actually that happy!

RE: We need a logo! - Nanno - 12-08-2013

The banner could easily be rotated, and I may even do that according to the season. It's nice to have a "default" though. The banner is also not the same as a logo. It would be nice to have an eye-catching logo that could be slapped onto any banner.

RE: We need a logo! - Huckleberry - 12-08-2013

I love it!! Really cool looking.

RE: We need a logo! - Dave-Trinity-Farms - 12-08-2013

I love it too Smile

RE: We need a logo! - joecool911 - 12-09-2013

I like the banner!

RE: We need a logo! - Saltlick - 12-09-2013

Hey that's cute!!!!

RE: We need a logo! - Charlie Horse - 12-25-2013

Apparently private messaging is broken.

Anyhow I made a new banner while I was waiting for people to show up for Xmas.

[Image: packgoatcentral_banner_02.jpg]

Perhaps it can rotate with the other one once in a while.

RE: We need a logo! - Nanno - 12-25-2013

That is REALLY COOL! You are an awesome artist. Fun, creative stuff!

Sorry PM is broken... it's been working fine for me. Perhaps I should create a "technical problems" forum tomorrow.

RE: We need a logo! - Phil-O-Rama - 12-25-2013

Looks great!! These are so cool!