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Full Version: Jethro is sick.
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Poor Jethro. He's in sick bay. He was fine yesterday. When I went out to do chores this afternoon he was hunched up, shivering and had squirting diarrhea. Took his temp and it's 103.5. Vet had me give him banamine and move him to the kidding room in the milk barn so I can watch him with cameras. He also had me put the other wethers in with him to keep him company. No runny nose, cough or any other symptoms. His fecal last month showed no worms/cocci. Hopefully he just has an upset rumen and it'll straighten itself out. This is no weather to be sick in!
Aw, poor Jethro. Sad

I hope he recovers quickly. Do you have any probiotics for him?
Sorry Taffy, I hope he perks back up soon!
Poor guy. You're right, fighting a bug in this weather is terrible. Hope he feels better soon!
(11-19-2014, 06:40 PM)Nanno Wrote: [ -> ]Aw, poor Jethro. Sad

I hope he recovers quickly. Do you have any probiotics for him?

Yes, I have probiotics and a cabinet full of drugs if needed. I'm hoping it's just a bad tummy ache. Right now he's just standing by the feeder. Bourbon and Banjo are lying down by him. I love having cameras to spy on the goats!

My favorite vet in the world (Matt) is flying back east for a wedding tomorrow and won't be back until Sunday evening so if I need a vet to check him out I'll have to call my backup vet.
Well good luck. Doesn't sound too critical yet so long as it clears up before too long. I have yet to figure out what has caused that kind of thing in my goats in the past-- I don't see a pattern. But heck, you know with horses the saying goes, a pooping horse is a healthy horse (They get colic so often). With wethers its "A peeing goat is a healthy goat".
I honestly didn't think Jethro was going to make it through the night but he did. My backup vet will be here sometime today. Jethro is in the same condition as last night. I watched him pee the last time I checked him last night so that plumbing is still working. I also noticed his pupils were fully dilated but he could still see. Matt the vet had me give him nuflor at 9 last night as a "just in case". Cameras are great but it's heart breaking watching him feel so poorly. Sad
I'm glad Jethro is still with you and I'm sorry he still feels so bad. I'm glad the vet will see him today. I hope ya'll can get him back again. I wonder what caused this? Does he still have diarrhea?
Oh man. Pupils like that are a bad thing. Some kind of shock, like a blood poisoning or something caused by hardware poisoning, gut toxins, or the like.
The vet was just here. He thinks Jethro probably ate something on our hike on Monday. Jethro's temp was normal at 102.2 when he took it. His stool is now very soft with some form to it. He has very little rumen sounds. He's still hunched and shivering. He's not dehydrated. The vet had me start him on a 5 day regimen of 5cc penicillin and 1/2cc thiamine. At this point he thinks Jethro will improve when the penicillin gets into his system and the thiamine should help with appetite, too. So now we wait.............
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