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Full Version: too close to breed?
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Hello all, I'm so excited to have found a pack goat forum! Big Grin
First question....I have a buck and a doe who are roughly third cousins. Both are big beautiful goats. Are they too closely related to breed?
this would not only depend on how close they are related but also if they have more of the same ancestors in their pedigree f.e. grand- or great-grantparents.

Basically you can breed them. But the more they share ancestry farther back they smaller their genetic "make-up" already is and therefore higher risk for inbred failures to appear.
Like San said. Would be good to know the pedigree a bit more but as long as they dont share dams and sires and there isnt heavy line breeding behind them, you should do just fine.
Okay. Thanks for the advice.
Okay, I some asking and thinking. I believe our doe's mother's daughter is the mother of our buck. So that would make them too close to breed? Pretty sure they have diff dads.
Dont know their lineage, lost the contact info for the lady I bought them from. I know the does is show lines, the buck I dont think so.
Ive seen line breeding as heavy as 17% so in all reality you should be more then fine. The problem comes in when there is already a genetic problem in the bloodline. You are just more likely to have it show up with line breeding.

Though, if you are looking for a breeding buckling, I have a full brother of my pack goat Legion just waiting here to be scooped up Smile
Oh do you have any pics of him? We would like another doe. Thanks for the help. Both goats are very healthy. We just wanted to breed them once and then will have the buck fixed.
That what Dawn is doing with one of our bucklings. Smile Ill get some pics tomorrow.