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Full Version: Got a Chat Room!
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Chat anyone?
Anyone up for chat?
Got a chatroom! Anyone want to use it?
How about this evening
Movie night for me on Sundays.
Movie night you say. Well. Tom Hanks saves Private Ryan but gets killed defending the bridge at the end. The old man at the start of the movie is indeed Private Ryan.

Now that we're done with that, no need for movies hehe

Catch you another time.
Anyone up for chat?
Anyone for the chat room?
Sorry I missed you this afternoon, Dave! I was just sort of loafing around all afternoon and checking on the chat room from time to time, and I popped in one last time to see if anyone was there. When I saw that no one was around, I gave up and went sledding and did chores... one minute before you came in apparently! Tongue
LOL ya I know you were like "Oh crap its Dave, bye!" Smile
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