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Full Version: Closures in Washington State?
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Are there any current areas closures to pack goats in Washington State? They buyer that picked up his boys over the weekend made mention about goats being banned where he intends to elk hunt. Ill have to contact him to get the info but I was surprised. I dont recall any closures here.
Whoa, that's too close to home. I'll be hunting private land this year-sometimes you get lucky-so I haven't been watching as closely to Oregon's trail regs as I should be.
Not currently that I am aware of. Larry has been working that area of the country, along with Curtis King. You may call Curtis and ask him.
Got an email from Ryan and this is what he had to say.

Hi Dave, these goats have been doing great, tons of fun..I talked with joe and he said he talked with Dave Waldron who is the outfitter in the wenaha west unit...he's the guy who told joe that pack goats were not allowed down there...

Can they just close off a unit without a reason or going through the proper channels? Im going to start doing some research on that area.
I just saw there are trails closed in the Olympic Nat'l Forest because of an aggressive mountain goat! I couldn't find anything online about any other goat closures but I might not be looking in the right spot.
Portions of the Umatilla National Forest extend into Washington State; specifically, the Pomeroy District, just east of Walla Walla. The draft Blue Mountain Forest Plan (which includes the Umatilla) is proposing to close areas to pack goats. Areas such as the Wenaha-Tuccannon Wilderness that have bighorn sheep habitat will be closed. If you look at a map, you can see which portions of the Umatilla in Washington State will be affected.

Map of Preferred Alternative showing portion of Umatilla Forest extending into Washington State

Bighorn Sheep habitat in Oregon and Washington

This is why it is important, now, more than ever, to COMMENT on the draft forest plan before August 15, 2014!
I sent Dave an email and asked for details and this was all I got in reply

Contact Pomeroy Ranger District. Atten. Rich Martin 509-843-1891

It may be a District decision. We have a very fragile Bighorn Sheep Population.

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There is always some reason to eliminate man from use of the public land. Pretty soon it'll be global warming closing the woods.
Ill call that number but wanna know what legal right do they have to close it without due process? If they can do it in this district, what would stop them from doing it anywhere and by passing our right to respond or fight it?