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Full Version: Happy Thanksgiving to All
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Hope.everyone has a good.Thanksgiving. We celebrated our big dinner a.week early so.we.didn't have to risk big last-minute grocery shoppers. Worked out really well.
Nice! We had our big feast today. A few folks came over and we had a nice spread. It was different without my dad and we all missed him, but we set a pumpkin in his chair and topped it with my dad's famous turkey hat that he wore every Thanksgiving. Then Phil presented us all with a special "Bob Inge Memorial" Thanksgiving centerpiece featuring a turkey made entirely out of soap (inside joke). It was a good day. We rode horses, played games, listened to Phil's fiddle, and ate entirely too much food.

Oh, and late in the morning my clumsy side made a spectacular appearance. My mom had stripped all the meat off the turkey neck and I went out to give Pluto the bones. As I was walking over to him I tripped on a rock, then immediately tripped on a root and fell with a crash onto another root. I nailed my thigh and was lame for the rest of the day (badly lame for a while). I'll probably be lame for the rest of the week! I spent the earlier part of the day with a bag of ice on my thigh. I liked it better a couple of years ago when on Thanksgiving day I slipped and fell into the lake at my grandfather's house in Granbury. I plunged completely over my head and then couldn't get out because the wall was too slippery to grip and my mom and cousin had to haul me out like a big fish. That display of complete clumsiness was a lot funnier and a lot less painful!
Quite the story! Hope the leg is OK. Pretty low key here - took the goats for a hike instead of shopping on Black Friday.