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Full Version: 4 yr old Ober Buck for sale
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We have a large Ober Buck for sale. He has been packed, but he has balls...

Located Near Daniel Wyoming

We have enough of his genetics in our herd and would like to pass him along. He is super sweet, and stinky. Proven to produce great kids for packing. We have bread him with other Obers and Alpines.
Thanks for posting! Sorry it took me so long to "approve" your thread. It's an anti-spam measure that everyone's first post has to be approved before going live. You won't have that issue any more. Good luck finding a great home for your buck!
Interested, still available?
(10-23-2020, 08:55 PM)Duck-Slayer Wrote: [ -> ]Interested, still available?
I think so. I will need to check with one other lady who said she might want him. Where are you located? Can you text me at three 07- four 13-3357?
He is gone to a new home now