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Full Version: Scan of a Brontosaurus Spine Found on a Hike
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That link will show a 3D model made from 200 photos I took of a Brontosaurus spine that I found.  I mean, my brother found.  But he was only in the area because I told him it was a good place to look for bones.  Thats the ticket.  Its like he was my employee so the credit is MINE!  Anyhow.  The 200 photos are chewed on by the computer and a detailed copy is made in 3D.  This version is a little less detailed so I could upload it easily.  I've since found another articulated skeleton that I may eventually scan.  This is a model you can zoom in and rotate around, so check it out!  Here's a picture from the original 3d Scan:

Charlie, your creativity and computer skills are amazing.
That's incredible!
Wow, even a neophyte such as myself can recognize the unique value of this! How big would you estimate it is? And extrapolating, what would be the size of the animal that it once belonged to?
Science doesn't really care much about the bones in the Morrison formation-- They're plentiful and well documented, so they generally don't represent something new or exciting. They like skulls but bones like this... meh.

So what happened is that 150 million years ago, this was the edge of an ocean that divided North America. The rockies were taller back then, and would get snow and ice that fed meandering rivers and marshy planes. Then the planes would dry up once in a while in a mega-drought. There would be watering holes, and the brontosaurus and steggos would congregate there. Soon they'd eat up all the greenery within walking distance and start to die off in random places. Meanwhile the alosaurs would hang around the watering holes with nothing to eat.... So the big ones would eat the smaller ones until there was one huge one left, and piles of predator bones. You could then expect a flood to come in later and cover the bones for perfect fossilization.

The reason I think this is a bronto is that there are air pockets in the spine bones. I cant be sure though because lots of dinosaurs did have that feature. I've since found even larger spine bones that look just like these so I'm 80% sure its bronto. I've also found what I think is a stegosaurus plate, and a piece of a turtle shell.