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Full Version: Lower jug lake
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Wife and I made a attempt to get to Lower Jug Lake, and Jug lake (Skagit county).  After almost 3 hours and only gaining 1.2 miles we turned around.  By far the hardest hike and promised myself will return to try again.  We took pilot, Buddy, Uber, Bradshaw, and Buster.  Each goat was only wearing empty packs and saddles as we were also in search of black bear.  Lots of promising sign up there but as far as packing one out, we will not attempt it in that terrain.  Goats did a great job and probably were wondering why us humans were having such a hard time.  Stunning undergrowth eye candy, a creek on our left and multiple streams on our right.  Multiple boulder fields as far as the eye can see, it was worth all the physical strength and also the humbling of not finishing a hike.