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Full Version: The every day life of a pack goat
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LOL Smile indeed.
Those are some great pictures! I would laugh so hard if I saw that truck coming down the road with a goat on the roof! I'm sure you don't let him ride up there when you're moving, but just the same, it's a hilarious mental picture. Big Grin
Very cool! I love the kid's saddle.
Oh that's just a pack saddle Smile

Those goats trashed my truck! They concaved the roof of the cab, I had to go in there and pound it back out with my fist, plus there's a dent in the hood now. They think they're so cool.
I believe Rex does make a kid saddle for goats. Just thought Id add that Smile
They look like happy boysSmile
This was the first kid (baby) that had ever been on one of my goats. I think that goat is the only one I'd trust with a kid. The only kids I'm having would be more goats Big Grin

They are happy, but they'll be happier when I double the size of their goat pen next week! Got permission from the owner where I board them. Yippie!
I would love to have the kids saddle from Northwest. But can not justify $65 dollars for what I expect to not get used often. So I think I will just pad the cross buck. And if stirrups are needed I will get some pony stirrups and straps. Think I could figure out something. LOL