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Full Version: Those glowing jade donuts my goats wear on their collars...
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Taffy asked me about them, and I finally went and found the info on where I got them.  I figured everyone might want to get in on this stylish goat accessory:



Here's the link:

Get the green ones, not the blue ones-- They're brighter.

They last forever and are very bright when they charge on sunlight all day, but especially if you hit it with a flashlight for 60 seconds before bed..  Shelby and Luna have been wearing theirs for years, but for the others I take them off when not on the trail because they tend to get nibbled on.  Its essentially modern, high tech glow crystals embedded in resin, and it allows you to count goats in the middle of the night by glancing out of your tent window.  No flashlights, no waking up too much.  I love it.  Its 20 bucks for 5 and they have lots of other stuff, too.  I'll vouch for these things and suggest you get some for your crew!
Thanks, Charlie Horse!

It was so easy to see where your goats and Luna were after dark!

I just got a 5 pack of the green ones for $16!  They're on sale plus there's an additional 20% off coupon code.  Shipping was free!
Yeah its a crazy deal right now. I met the lady that owns the company and I like to support small business like this. I'm glad you got some, but I knew when I posted this that I'd no longer own the most stylin' goats, alas.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!  Big Grin
Are those the pet tags on that site? If not, what is product called?
Ooops! OK. I found them.