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Full Version: New pack goats!
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It’s been a couple weeks since I picked them up. Funny story, I went to pick up one pack goat prospect and left with two pack goat prospects and had an offer on the third LOL. Ended up with the 3rd as well the next day. The first is an Alpine/ober named Montana, the second is a little Tri color named Jager, and the 3rd is my new female breeder Pearl that is a Tri color ADGA Alpine. Very excited to start up my own Pack goat breeding operation. That’s all I will breed for is big athletic pack goats. No interest in the dairy goat side of it.
Congratulations! They're beautiful!
That first one will have epic horns, obviously. Ober horns are ridged and huge.

They sure have some tails on them. Reminds me of my yak almost.