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Full Version: Anyone packed or live in MN w/packgoats?
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After much anxiety, frustration, dead ends trying to find enough land and summer home in Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, we have about given up. Land parcels.too small and won't allow our 3 horses and 7 goats or always something. Presently looking at a place in MN supposedly walking distance to Chipawa and some county and state parks. Meets all our criteria except.desire.for mountains.and.streams. Area is.pretty flat but cool and.lots trees. How receptive are MN county and state.parks to pack goats? Anyone packed there? Did you enjoy it or did you get bored with no topography? Are wolves.a.serious problem there?
You know, I totally understand the struggle to find the right spot to settle. I was so frustrated by prices in Utah that I was considering Kentucky for its rolling hills and hardwood forests where every place had 20 acres and a big Amish barn. I lucked out though and found the perfect spot (it fell into my lap, really) in central UT by using some patience while I rented a cheap apt and a neighboring vacant lot for the critters. If I were you, looking for a place today, I'd sell my current place, bank the money and rent while I waited for the next housing crash... It wont be too long now. A legendary investor once said "Its not the buying and selling thats hard. Its the waiting."
Thank you.