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Full Version: New arrivals at Deschutes Dawn Farm
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[attachment=516][attachment=517][attachment=518][attachment=519]Here is what's keeping me busy these days. The lighter colored kids are from my Saanen doe. My grand daughter loves the movie "Frozen" so she chose some of the names. The little doeling is Solari, the 2 bucklings are Olaf and Kristoff. The black and tan doelings are from my Alpine doe and are Elsa and Anna. The Alpine/Ober doelings were 10# each at birth. At one week the trips were Solari 14#, Olaf 14.5#, and Kristoff 13.5#.
One doe left to go and could be in the next couple days.
Very cool! Congrats!
So cute! Congratulations!
Aww,congrats!! Big Grin