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Full Version: Team Snazzy Goat in VT
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Beautiful team in VT, 'Harry' and 'David'. She has some interesting posts that drivers might want to check out.  Ann in NH
Oh my goodness, so much cuteness.
I just sent the link of the post titled 'jumping for joy' of them being driven down the road to my husband and he replied with a very comically frightened expletive as he thought he was well clear of me with my carriage driving obsession.
Thanks for the link
What a great looking team of matched goats. Odd and interesting breed too. It makes me want to get into the harness hobby when I see stuff like this. Thanks for linking!
I love Team Snazzy Goat. I've been watching them for a few years now. Very beautiful pair of goats! It's inspiring to see the hard work put in by their young driver.