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Full Version: Animal Emotions
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I have another, interesting course to share. It's not free but the charge is really low - about 10 USD I believe.

This is a short introduction/basic knowledge course about core emotions in animals (and humans) as "discovered" and defined by the late neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp who found the corresponding areas that trigger emotions in the brains of all (!) mammals and also reptiles. Making these areas in the deepest parts of the brain something that we share with basically every animal that has a brain.

Check out the "The Fundamentals - Handling Emotional States in Animals" course, if you're interested.

The bigger courses - Getting Behaviour  and Animal Emotions - run over several weeks and are also highly recommended - just finished the Getting Behaviour course myself and am looking forward to when the Animal Emotions course will start in 2018.
May have to check it out. Between stormy weather and being busy with other things we haven't had time to work with our boys much for the past week. I still haven't watched the videos from the Goat Diaries yet.
the nice thing about courses with Karolina: the single modules are very compact. You can fit them in between whenever you have a few minutes time.