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Full Version: Well, They used to walk nicely.
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I generally take the goats on a walk every other day or so, I take them in groups of two or three because of two Does that do nothing but fight with each other.
I take Licorice and Red Willow as a group.
Lilly,Hope and Annie as a group
And then the two weathers, Jessie James and Mufasa.
Recently they have been fighting on the walk, like to the point that I have to put them on a leash.
All the Does are pregnant.
Walk them when they're stuffed with food. Works for me
We had an experience which led to us having to leash our goats on the trail for fighting. Yukon and Pluto were the 2 at the top of the pecking order and for what ever reason they felt like they needed to duke it out on the trail, which resulted in goats nearly bashing each other off tall cliffs. For everyone's safety we had to leash them as it was very aggressive fighting. Keeping them leashed and then low lined with Huck in the middle toned it down for the trip but even in the truck we had to tie everyone (I hate doing that) but it was safer to have them tied then smash each other out of the canopy windows. They kinda tainted the trip for us. I guess sometimes leashing is the only solution. Maybe some one has better idea's?

In different circumstances we would have let them figure it out but we nearly caught Yukon before he went over the edgy with a saddle that was half on him and half on Pluto. It was too dangerous. I know it always happened when I was watching, maybe a respect (oh crap she's looking) thing I'm not sure.

Best of luck!
I've found that goats can get pretty frisky this time of year through spring. Maybe it's cabin fever, or maybe it's the lengthening of the days, but even when we had just Cuzco, sometime in late January, early February he would start behaving very differently and would start challenging people and horses and attacking trees. Young goats are experiencing the beginning of their spring growth spurts and changes are probably taking place in your herd dynamics which may be hard to pinpoint other than fighting among the ranks. Pregnant mamas may be jockeying for better positions in the herd (or at least demanding more respect from their superiors) before their kids are born.

Since old alliances may be changing, you could try switching up the groups that walk together and see if that helps. Unless they're fighting so seriously that they refuse to walk with you at all, then you can always let them duke it out. Just make sure to bring a spray bottle or stick to keep them from fighting near you or other people. You don't want to get in the middle of a goat fight, but sometimes they need to get those goatly arguments out of their systems and it's ok to let them do it if they're not endangering anyone.
Haha! No sooner do I post this in the morning than my goats start going wild in the afternoon! Everyone was in on the action today. I tried to get a video because it was so hilarious, but I had a hard time tearing myself away from the window. When I finally did run to fetch the camera, the goats exploded to the other side of the house where I could no longer see them. Finn and Sputnik were whacking away at each other, Nauti and TinCup were leaping and caprioling and chasing each other in circles, Rocky and Rambo kept switching between chasing each other and chasing the girls, Jezebel, Coral, and Tigerlily were all generally bucking their way through the action, and big fat Petunia was just trying to waddle out of everyone's way. When we went out for our evening walk, Rocky had lost the bigger of his scurs (and it's really big!) so his whole head was dripping with thick blood which had run down his ear and cheek and was trickling down his neck. I powdered his head with Wonder Dust and later I found the missing scur in the driveway where the goats had been fighting and playing earlier. So yeah, you're not the only one whose herd is currently in turmoil!
Poor Petunia! Mine do that sometimes.
Are the goats that are fighting penned separately? Good ideas above.
No they are all penned toghter well except the buck who gets walked by himself.
I know this is old but I LOL'd on your story Nanno - you have Goat UFC going on.