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Full Version: Does Anyone Pack Females?
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We are new, both in our 70's so our packing/hiking isn't going to be as heavy-duty as many of you. We have 2 lamanchas nubian mixes already over 2 years old pretty tame. Any reason we.cannot train them to pack? Does anyone successfully use unbred females? Thanks.
Welcome to goatpacking! In short, the answer is yes. You can pack with does. The reason most folks use wethers is because they are larger so can carry more weight and they don't have heat cycles.

Any goat of any sex of any breed can be a packgoat.
I have one doe that I trained to pack. The only thing that I don't like about packing femles is that the pack saddle is to big.
I would think packing with does would be fine as long as you observe the 20-25% rule. I've read that people don't use does because of the smaller size and the issue that, if they're pregnant or lactating they can't carry much, if at all. Most people who have does keep them pregnant or lactating from when they're 1 or 2 until they're 10+. As long as you don't breed them, they should do fine.
A training saddle like the Marc Warnke kid training pack saddle Matt Lyon of Bantam Saddle & Tack has would work perfectly for a doe.
Thanks to everyone. We are thinking of using the 2 females.until we.can find suitable weather and get them to proper age.
This is my gal Tigerlily on top of Uncompahgre Peak (14,320' elevation) last year at the NAPgA Rendezvous. She wasn't carrying a lot, but she was only two years old and had just recovered from a terrible stillbirth delivery of a malpositioned kid and retained placenta, and was in the midst of dealing with mastitis when we took this hike. She stayed right up with everyone and in fact outpaced a lot of us. I'm hoping she turns out to be a better breeding goat than her first go-round suggests, but if not I think she'd make an exceptional packgoat. She's strong, leggy, nimble, and loves hiking and climbing. So yes, I think the girls can make wonderful packgoats when they're not busy having babies and nursing them. The caveat is that I would not take females into wilderness areas during the fall because their heat cycles could attract male wildlife in rut. 
If Tigerlilly has a hard time this year I will be more than willing to take her of your hands Tongue
Okay so that goat is at 14,000 Feet. Incredible. Awesome looking animal.
Girls rule! Tigerlilly is amazing, great picture.
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