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Full Version: Charlie Horse's 2018 Picture Thread
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I *HATE* it when they do that.
Aaah, but what a cool shot!  I spy a 2019 NAPgA Calendar Submission! Big Grin
I see Finn has competition for the high out on a boulder photo! I agree with Saph, great shot for the calendar!
Finn and Bacchus have competition, Mufasa has started doing this.
This is one reason I love my Sputnik. He's sensible and doesn't give me heart attacks by walking out onto narrow ledges and high boulders. He prefers to keep a safe distance from any high cliff (I sometimes wonder if he thinks Finn will sneak up from behind and try to knock him off). I'm glad people are already thinking ahead to next year's calendar. What a fun project that has become! This photo does look like a good contender!
I have a picture to enter too
Oh man, Charlie Horse, you have me drooling with envy over where you live! Your puppy has really grown! Did the deer stop and watch you once they got over being spooked up? We're still planning on a trip to the Swell in 2019!
Out of curiosity, why does Bacchus have a halter when the other don't?
Oh the does don't get too worried about humans. They spend most of their day in town anyhow.

Bacchus throws a fit when it comes time to saddle up. The halter keeps him from throwing horns around while I run the straps on his outfit. Once he has the packs secured he's fine.
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