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Full Version: Trinity Pack Goats: All da babies! :)
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Was just out messing around with the video cam and got a video of the babies playing and running.
Holy cow...I mean goat! That is allot of kids, what a riot. They sure are cute and pretty sharp looking, I even saw few Munchies.

BTW, I thought we were arid...I had forgotten how little grass was around there. WOW!
Yep, less then 10 inches a year... sucks.
(04-26-2014, 01:03 AM)Dave-Trinity-Farms Wrote: [ -> ]Yep, less then 10 inches a year... sucks.

Amazing. That can be rough without irrigation...nice & sunny though.

I grew up up in the hills of Silverton, Oregon. I.E. Too much rain but very green & beautiful. I also recently spent 8 years in the Vancouver WA area which averages nearly 50 " of rain & about 7" of snow. The last year we were there it had a record of 104 days in a row if consecutive precipitation. It then stopped for 5 days...but no sun. It then rained in one form or another for 3 more weeks 24/7. BTW that was the year we decide we were moving back to Utah with it's 300 days of sunshine & 65 days of who cares.

Bottom line is the rain gets old & can severely either limit or make miserable many activities. When Western Oregon & Washington are sunny though , probably on of the prettiest places on earth...key words being when it's sunny. Wink
Loved the video. I think I even got glimpses of my two babies in the midst of the cute kid tsunami Smile TOU, I grew up in Canby, not far from Silverton. My family is still there, And I love going back to visit. I also have family in Utah and met my wife in Spanish Fork Smile
I loved watching all the kids! What a hoot! I giggled at their antics!


That much fun should be illegal. LOL!
I need to invest in a better corder. This one the lens cover doesnt close and the longer it goes the odder the color of the videos seems to get. That and its a M4 format and those were never really any good.


It looked OK to me.