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Full Version: The Goat Gangs of Trinity Farms :)
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Over the years we have dubbed getting jumped on by the kids while walking around the pen as getting assassinated. Cause most of the time they get you as you are walking away or while you are not paying attention. Well this year is no exception. BUT I had noticed a disturbing trend, thus this post.

It seems this year the like colored kids are sticking together and doing gang hits on us. Meaning, the belted ones stick together, the two tones stick together and the few plain ones as well. Granted not all the time, just most. So I have given them gang names. To which they seem even more pleased while "assassinating" us as we walk the pen.

The Belted Bandits
The Two Tone Tough Guys
The Average Joes

Now all this may seem kinda silly but trust me. When you combine 80 baby goaties and weeks of sleep deprivation, this makes total sense! Smile
HAHA! Nice! It's funny that your goats seem to be sorting themselves by color. Have you ever seen this kind of thing before?
Not usually by color so much as breed. Which I always assumed was a color kinda thing but each breed knows who is and who isnt one of their own. Alpines tend to pick on pretty much every other breed the worst. But Lamanchas arent to far behind. Tracy says its cause they have ear envy Smile


But pretty soon Dave will have two less to worry about when he delivers them to Central Oregon.
I got your video done and loaded. A link is above Clyde boys picture.


SWEET! Thanks Dave! The Daphne boy IS tiny, just like you said. Perfect! And the Clyde boy is just the little pistol I thought he would be! I love it! I love THEM!
Congrats Techelhut, Dave has top quality goats! I got two also, and can't wait to bring them home. I'd say you'll love them, but it sounds like you already do Smile


Oh gosh yes. When I saw the video I got all misty eyed. LOL!