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Full Version: We need a logo!
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If anyone has any ideas or would like to submit artwork for our PackGoatCentral logo, please let me know!
My daughter does some very cool computer imaging/artwork. I could have her draw up something pretty quick.
That would be awesome!
Do we get to vote? This could be fun!
People could also submit photo's of their goats in action.
That would be cool. I have my daughter some rough ideas and going to let her run with it. Shouldnt be a few days before she is done with the first one. Will post it as I get it. And no worries on if people dont like it. She has a style all her own Smile
Oooh fun I wish I had more time right now I'd love to draw something up! Let's see what Dave's daughter comes up with Smile I'd be happy to let you use some of my photos on the site if you like any of them, if not no worries Smile - I could email them to you if you want.
Votes are $10 each. Vote as any times as you like. Big Grin
Is it your treat Joe?
Internet is a difficult place to covey emotions. That was an attempt at humor. I'm afraid that I cannot fund the voting costs. Savin for a new hip this February. Nothing funny about that. Down right scary.
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