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Full Version: Packgoats at Puyallup Sportsmen's Show
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Just wanted to let all know that we will be at the Puyallup Sportsmen's Show again this year with a packgoat display - will be there one day only, Saturday, January 28, 2017.  Anyone close come on by or if you'd like to help out let me know to see if we have extra room.
I'm close by and I can help if you need it. Send me a PM.
Awesome! Be sure to post up pics after the event.
1stgoatlady - I have all of the flier/brochure files we printed off for the REI packgoat clinic information packet. If you would like them let me know.
Went to the show on Saturday hoping to see some goats. There wasn't any.
You, and every one else in the west may want consider having a copy of Dr Besser's article "Do Domestic Goats Pose a Risk to of Pneumonia to Bighorn Sheep?" available. Maybe not out in the open if this is not where you want the conversation to go. Be advised the Wild Sheep Foundation has a never ending relentless sportsman educational campaign of the risk of sheep (which for some odd reason includes packgoats) to big horn sheep. With luck we can soon include our Packgoat study results with this article in the off chance we have to educate some passionate Bighorn Sheep hunter. There is a lot of very biased dead wrong information out there that is being publish in the sports media. I would recommend being slightly familiar with the issue if you are going into the public area with other sportsmen. 

Good luck have fun with your presentation.